American Treats

Home baked cakes and goodies. Made fresh with fresh ingredients. 
~Offering dessert cakes ~NY cheesecake ~Giant Cookies ~Cupcakes~Cake Pops

 ~ Specialty Cakes~

1.    Black Forest Cherry Torte -  $45.00

  -  consists of 3 layers of dark chocolate cake, each brushed with cherry brandy (Kirschenwasser), filled with  whipped cream, topped with cherries and sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Then the torte is topped with additional whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate shavings.  Chocolate cherry heaven.

2.    Carrot Cake w/ crm chs frosting  - $30.00

 - Two layers of spice carrot cake full of nuts and raisins, or pineapple, and filled and topped with cream cheese frosting.  What Bugs Bunny gets when he's been a good little rabbit.

3.    German Chocolate Cake w/ cooked pecan frosting  - $35.00

- So good you'll lick the crumbs from your fingers.  Das ist sehr gut!

4.  Modern German Chocolate Cake w/ cooked pecan frosting and chocolate buttercream frosting- $40.00

- So good you'll lick the crumbs from your fingers, and the plate, and the fork!  

5.    Peppermint Patty Cake with Chocolate Glaze  - $25.00

 - White, zingy peppermint cake filled and topped with chocolate glaze.  Winter Fresh!

6.    Red Velvet Cake w/ crm chs or cooked frosting  - $30.00

 - Moist, red cake with just a touch of chocolate. Cream cheese or cooked frosting.

 (add pecans for $2.00)

7.    Coconut Cake w/ whipped cream frosting  - $20.00  **Lite** 270 cal/slice.

- White, sweet, moist, unavoidably made to be eaten in one sitting!

8.    Orange or Lemon Cake w/ citrus sugar glaze   - $20.00

 - A citrus delight with hints of zest, topped off with a tangy and sweet citrus sugar glaze.  (Don't forget the white wine!)  Perfect for hot Texas summers.

9.   Hot Chocolate  Cake w/ chocolate glaze  -  $25.00

 -  A most moist, rich, spicey, chocolatey cake with just a hint of heat.  Start a fire!

10.   Peanut Butter Bundt cake w/ Chocolate Glaze  -  $25.00

- Like a Reeses Pieces cup, but more decadent and satisfying.

11.  New York Style Cheesecake  -  $45.00  (add $5.00 for strawberry glaze)

12. Chocolate X's 2 Cake - $30.00

- Scrumptious, moist Chocolate Cake with a creamy milk or sensuous dark chocolate glaze (ganache)

13. Hillbilly (Hummingbird)  Cake w/ cream cheese frosting - $30.00

~Dense, moist cake (similar to carrot cake) with bananas, sweet pineapple & cinnamon all layered with nuts and cream cheese frosting.

 14. Recession Cake (choc or vanilla) - $15.00 

~(8x8) -  No eggs, milk or butter.  Add $5.00 for frosting.

Seasonal Cakes

White Forrest Cake - $45.00  May thru July

~ Take a trip through vanilla cake, fresh whipped cream, plump strawberries, Strawberry DeKuyper's, and chocolate shavings fallen from heaven

Note:  All cakes are 8" round with two layers.  There are 8 normal servings or 16 small servings.


Cupcakes and Cake Pops

 Chocolate or Vanilla with chocolate or vanilla frosting ~ $24.00 a dozen or $2.50 each

 Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting (cupcakes only) ~ $30.00 a dozen or $3.00 each.

 Orange  or Lemon with orange or lemon glaze ~ $21.00 a dozen or $2.25 each

** Sprinkles upon request.

 (*=*) For custom please contact me. 


Giant Cookie Cake 

Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar - $15.00 

with Message, simple design, and border

Nuts - add $2.00 


Payment types accepted:  Cash only


Bakery Boxes
I have limited boxes at this time.  If you need to bring a container to put  your product in, I will let you know ahead of time.  Thank you.

Disposable Cake Boards
I do have cake boards available and your cake will be placed on one of these wrapped in aluminum foil



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